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A Health Savings Account, or HSA , helps you save for future healthcare expenses by giving you a tax advantage on funds earmarked for medical costs. These funds can alleviate the costs of your healthcare.

Eligible expenses include medical costs not covered by insurance, dental and vision care, prescription drugs and over-the-counter products used to treat illness.

How do I know what is eligible? You can confidently shop at our SA Store and know that your purchases will meet the guidelines for HSA eligible expenses.

As part of a free service that simplifies the use of FSA and HSA programs, we clearly marks all contact lens products and accessories that are eligible for HSA shopping with this icon:

Shop the HSA Store

You’ll find a world of products all FSA- and HSA-eligible under IRS definition.

FSA/HSA Manager makes tracking purchases easy

We help you maintain records of your eligible purchases. You can print receipts that only contain products allowable under an HSA plan.

- Choose the date range for the orders that you would like to view

- Print out your receipt as proof of HSA qualified purchases



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