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Get that crazy look in your eye like you’re hungry for bbbrrraaaiiinnnsss! Our zombie lenses are the perfect unsettling addition to your undead costume.
Top Sellers
Our best-selling thematic lenses are just the thing to your unique Halloween costume ideas an edge. All FDA-approved and theatrical quality – our lenses are the same type used in Hollywood movies and television by your favorite stars. When it comes to your eyes, don’t take chances. Only lenses that are FDA-approved are safe. Please see your eye care provider for a prescription.
Dress yourself in the role of your favorite characters in every detail – right down to the eyes. Choose lenses based on a character from your favorite films and shows, like True Blood, Interview with the Vampire, The Exorcist, Spiderman, Star Wars and more.
Anime & Fantasy
We’ve got lenses to give you adorably, disproportionate eyes just like your favorite anime or manga character. We also have mysterious, cool and magical themed lenses for guys based on your favorite male characters.
Theatrical lenses aren’t just for scaring people – we have a great collection of fun, cool and quirky styles for you to choose from. Stand out in a crowd with a pair of these truly unique lenses.
Check out our wide selection of creepy sclera lenses. This type of lens has a larger diameter that covers all, or most, of the white part of your eye. The effect is truly terrifying!
Scare your friends with these spooky lenses! Our frightening special effect lenses are perfect for ghosts, goblins, monsters and other creepy creatures. Go beyond traditional theatrical lenses to really freak out your friends.
While special effects lenses add a frightening finish to your Halloween costume – some people wear them all year round! Add some fun to clubs, parties and raves. Whatever the reason, these lenses will give you a truly unforgettable look.
Theatrical lenses are perfect for Halloween as well as the theater. These days, there are more lenses to choose from than ever before. The new circle lenses are especially popular this year. They can give you that wide-eyed anime look with their extra-large irises. You can easily transform yourself into a dragon, zombie, vampire, cat, or a character from your favorite movie or video character. Our lenses are FDA approved – because getting into the Halloween spirit shouldn’t be harmful.

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